Community Forum Saturday, October 25

Community Forum – “The War on Drugs”
Saturday, October 25, 3:00pm

On Saturday, October 25, at 3:00pm in the Fellowship Hall, we will be having the fourth in our series of community forums.  This one is on the Drug War.  The issues are, should the drug war be continued in its present form?  Should it be continued in modified form?  Should it be abandoned and the drug problem dealt with as a health and education problem?  Particularly, after our prison population has skyrocketed with drug offenders and after Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, which detailed the racial bias in drug enforcement, questions have been raised about the war on drugs.  Our speakers will be Greg Zempel, Kittitas County Prosecutor, and Michael Olivero, professor in the CWU Law and Justice Department.  We urge everyone to attend to help us explore this important  topic.