Thoughts on Holy Week

“To be deeply Christian is to know and to live out the conviction that the whole human family dwells      continuously at the intersection of time and eternity… The abiding conviction that history and eternity continuously intersect is grounded in the most basic of Christian affirmations. For our scriptures insist that in the days of Emperor Augustus the eternal Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, born in Bethlehem when Quirinius was governor of Syria. Further, our creeds affirm that this Christ- “God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God”- was crucified in the time and under the jurisdiction of Pontius Pilate and rose from the dead after three days. To take these assertions seriously is to be bound to the conviction that God and human history are intertwined.”

-Laurence Hull Stookey, Calendar – Christ’s Time for the Church

The older I get the more deeply moving the rhythms of the Christian calendar become for me. We start the Christian year with advent, a time of waiting for light and life. We move into Epiphany, a celebration of what light brings, and then onto Lent, a time of preparation and reflection on who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. There are so many narratives that we can align our lives to, but for me, the story we contemplate this week convicts me every year.

I see myself in Peter, as he swears that he will stick by Jesus to the very end, but deserts Jesus at the first sign of persecution.

I see myself in the High Priests and church leaders who desperately want to silence this man who keeps questioning their deeply held values.

I see myself in Pilate who clearly would like to let Jesus go free but cannot find the strength to fight the political will of the people. What is truth? He asks, and I wonder along with him… what is truth?

The next 3 days we will read the old, old stories together and ponder what it means to be human beings, broken and fearful, but hopeful as well, because Easter is coming.


Join us

Maundy Thursday 6pm – Ponder the meaning of The Last Supper

Good Friday  7pm – Lament the events of Jesus last day with Tenebrae

Saturday  6pm – Traditional Easter Vigil with our Episcopalian friends at Grace

Sunday 10am – Easter- God is With Us


Pastor Jen