Meet our New CWU Wesley Leader, Rachel Neer!

RAchel Neer

I am so excited to make Ellensburg my new home!  Though I have not yet been to the town (or even to the state), I already feel like I belong there.  Arms have been thrown open for weeks and I’ve been moving closer and closer to the wide embrace of a new community.

I look forward to your love and support during the summer and into the early fall as I find my footing at Lazy F and on the campus of CWU.  Unlike the children in Lemony Snicket’s stories, I come to Ellensburg through a Series of Very Fortunate Events (it’s actually the title of my autobiography that I will write in 50 years).  God has been active, Christ has been present, and the Holy Spirit has been breathing life into me over these past few months.

I come to Ellensburg from Gainesboro, TN; Evansville, IN; and Evanston, IL.  I have spent summers at camps in Dickson, TN and Tulsa, OK.  I have spent school years in classrooms as both a teacher and a student.  I have been an active participant of a number of campus ministries and organization, each more unique than the last.  I believe that it is no accident that I see God so clearly in each of you already, though I do not yet know your names or your faces.

When God shows up unannounced it is one of the best surprises.  I love seeing God show up in a number of places.  As I work to finish my Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, it seems as though I find God way more often than not.  It is becoming abundantly clear to me that God has never left; I have only stopped looking or, like a petulant teenager, have given the cold shoulder in response to a warm embrace.  I am psyched to see all the places God shows up in Ellensburg – and to hear your stories, because I am sure that God is already there, moving among you.

In the interest of transparency, these are the top five things I would have you know about me:

5. I always put on my left sock and shoe first.  It’s nothing against the right foot, it’s just that I feel crooked all day long if the right foot goes first.  If I had a choice, I would wear no shoes at all.

4. I could listen to Carrie Newcomer’s music all day long.  Other folksy artists are a close second and I will always sing hymns or campfire songs loudly, but with gusto.

3. My favorite kinds of jokes are the punny ones.  (See what I did there?)  I also have precisely one Bible joke that I can consistently  remember.  I’ll share it with you sometime when you are in need of a laugh (or a groan – it could really go either way).

2. I would sew, or bake gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free Communion bread for a week if you let me.  I find both things to be deeply       spiritual practices

1. I am currently loving the theology of Sara Miles.  Take This Bread is on the top of my reading list when I don’t have any class work to do.