Rapid Response For Social Justice

For several years our church has been a member of the Faith Action Network  (FAN).  FAN lobbies the legislature and takes other actions to further the cause of social justice.  Among the issues it takes on are wage theft, human trafficking, gun safety,  programs of support for vulnerable populations, equal treatment for all people in our society, health care, prison reform, immigrant rights, climate change and many others.

To give effective support to FAN in its lobbying efforts, we have organized what we call a Rapid Response Team, some 20 members of our congregation who have agreed to send e-mails to our legislative delegation.  When FAN sends us a legislative alert indicating the critical time to write to our legislators concerning a social justice issue, our Team responds with a blizzard of e-mails.

If you would like to join us in this social justice endeavor, contact me and I will put you on our Team.

Larry Lowther, Chair
Social Justice Committe