Ellensburg Community Clothing Center Update

Greetings from the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center! 

Have you ever wondered what you can do for 3 hours? I have just the right fit for you! For 3 hours a month, you can become part of your community’s clothing center, and help your fellow neighbors. This position, of course, is at the Ellensburg Community Clothing Center. Your pay will be in the satisfaction of doing God’s work, and helping to distribute clothes to those in need within our community.

Just call either Pat Winkler at 509-607-9508 or Peggy Beals at 425-765-7798. Together we can assist you in securing your spot on our schedule.

Remember that this is a Community Clothing Center, it belongs to everyone.So far this year we have registered 334 Customers, given away 11,017 pieces of clothing (adults and children), and 165 coats.