Season of Creation Sermon Series



Join us for the Season of Creation  at FUMC Ellensburg!

September 6th – Humanity Sunday: A celebration of humanity in all it’s richness and diversity.
Scriptures: Genesis 1:26-28 & 2:7-8, 15,19, Mark 10:42-45
September 13th – Planet Earth Sunday: A focus on the unique nature of our planet, the mystery of life, and the bond we have with Earth as our precious home.
Scriptures: Genesis 1: 1-25, John 1:1-14
September 20th – Sky Sunday: The wind, the clouds, the air, are very atmosphere proclaim God’s Glory.
Scriptures: Jeremiah 4:23-28, Philippians 2:9-13
September 27th – Mountain Sunday: Everyone wants a ‘Mountain Top Experience’…
Scriptures: Isaiah 65:17-25, Matthew 17:1-13
October 4th – Blessing of the Animals/ World Communion Sunday: We celebrate our special relationship with animals and our connection with others around the world.
Scriptures: Psalm 104, Matthew 6:25-26

What is the Season of Creation?
The Season of Creation is an optional season for the church year. For the most part, the seasons of the church year follow the life of Jesus: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. The remainder of the church year encompasses Pentecost Season, which celebrates life in the Holy Spirit..

A Special Focus in the Church Year
There is no focus in the church year on God the creator, no opportunity to reflect in a concentrated way on the foundations of redemption and sanctification, namely, the very creation itself that is redeemed and sanctified. For centuries, our theology, our ethics, and our worship have been oriented in two dimensions: our relationship with God and our human relationships with one another. Now it is time to turn our attention to God’s relationship with all creation and with our relationship with creation (and with God through creation).

The experience of a Season of Creation through four Sundays in the church year alone will not bring the transformation in consciousness we need to address the ecological problems we face today in God’s creation. Yet unless we can see what worship can be like in a season devoted fully to Creator and creation, we will probably not adequately incorporate care for creation into worship throughout the rest of the year. A Season of Creation has proven to be valuable in its own right. Yet we also need the Season of Creation to wake us up and show us another way to do worship all the time.

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