New Sermon Series – “This I Believe….”

Methodism 101 Series
“This I Believe.…”

Will Willimon opens up his book , United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction with these words, “Follow me! Jesus did not say, “Believe the following six things about me” or “Follow these ten truths.” In the Gospels, Jesus calls people to a journey with him, not a seminar about him. He was a prophet preaching, always on the move, constantly drawing people into his journey; he was itinerant, truth in motion; not a professor lecturing a classroom of passive, static spectators.”

This fall we will explore what it is that we believe while examining the doctrine of the United Methodist Church.  So often we know what we do not believe but cannot articulate what we actually do believe.  This series is designed to help you with that. We hope to impart the excitement and joy that spring from a life following Jesus in the Methodist tradition.

Each Sunday after worship (around 11:30 a.m.) Reverend Jen Stuart will lead a discussion of Bishop Willimons’ book for those who want to learn more about United Methodist beliefs as we discern what each of us believe for ourselves.  All are welcome to participate in these discussions.

United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction, by Bishop Will Willimon can be found on Amazon Smile for less than $15, but is not necessary to have this book to attend the discussions.

October 11th – Pastor Rachel Neer Preaching
Hebrews 4:12-16
We Believe In The Triune God
We Believe In Salvation Through Jesus Christ

October 18th
Mark 10:35-45
We Believe In The Holy Spirit
We Believe In Christ’s Universal Church

October 25th
Mark 10:46-52
We Believe In Practicing Theology
We Believe In Transforming and Perfecting Grace

November 1st – All Saints Sunday
Revelation 21:1-6a
We Believe In Faith and Good Works
We Believe in the Coming of God’s Realm and Reign to the World
Thinking Like Wesleyans