New Weekly Discussion Group


Openings:   A Daybook of Saints, Sages, Psalms and Prayer Practices
Weekly Discussion Group Beginning in June

Beginning at 6 pm June 1 and continuing each Wednesday until December 29, there will be a drop-in discussion group based on Rev. Larry J. Peacock’s book, Openings: A Daybook of Saints, Sages, Psalms and Prayer Practices.   While everyone is encouraged to participate weekly, as a “drop-in” class there is no commitment for or expectation of weekly attendance.

Openings is a prayer book for every day of the year for people who don’t usually think about using a prayer book.   Drawing on a wide variety of resources—lives of saints and sages from every age, psalms and guides for personal reflections and suggestions for spiritual practice—Rev. Peacock offers helpful guidance for anyone hungry for a richer prayer life.  

Each day’s reading has four parts:

*Remember a notable person of faith or a significant event
*Read a psalm or another scripture passage
*Ponder that day’s scripture or person of faith
*Practice a variety of ways to pray, including prayer through play, music and physical movement

Each discussion group will focus on that week’s readying and practices.   Join us as Rev. Peacock guides us on an  interesting, enlightening and thought provoking spiritual journey.

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