New Sermon Series – “This I Believe….”

Methodism 101 Series “This I Believe.…” Will Willimon opens up his book , United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction with these words, “Follow me! Jesus did not say, “Believe the following six things about me” or “Follow these ten truths.” In the Gospels, Jesus calls people to a journey with him, not a seminar about him. He … More New Sermon Series – “This I Believe….”

A Place at the Table

What makes us followers of Jesus?  Does our faith change how we interact with the world? Our call is to create a space where everyone feels invited, knows they are welcome, and believes there is enough food to share. Join us this Epiphany season as we explore what it means to have A Place at … More A Place at the Table

October Worship Series – “Huh? Why we do what we do.”

Do you ever wonder why we do what we do in worship? Why is there a Call to Worship? What is praise? Does God really need us? Why do we pray the Lord’s prayer EVERY single Sunday? And what is all this about confession? This month we will be exploring some basic questions about worship and … More October Worship Series – “Huh? Why we do what we do.”