What to Expect in Worship


Our Sunday Service is both liturgical and contemporary.  “Liturgical” means a defined set of prayers,  words, and ceremonies in worship.  Scriptures and sermon topics are Biblically-based and typically follow a traditional calendar, called a lectionary, that many other protestant churches follow.

As times have changed, our prayer language, music, and theological  interpretations of Scripture have also become more contemporary and unique to our system of beliefs, which are best called progressive Christianity.  Worship begins with contemporary songs or music.  An opening prayer and hymn invoke a spirit of contemplation, followed by a Scripture reading and a 15-20 minute sermon.  There is a time for shared community prayers, joys, and concerns, which all are welcome to join.  Likewise, all are welcome to receive (or choose not to receive) communion, served near the end of the service and offered every week.  You do not have to be a member or fit into any box to participate in any part of worship.

Children are encouraged to attend worship.
We don’t mind giggling, laughing, talking or crying kids. We have a wide space in the back of the sanctuary for kids to get up and move around or spend time coloring or building with their hands. The Spirit moves each of us in different ways and we work to make sure that people of all ages are welcomed and loved into this community of grace.

Worried about what to wear?
Just be yourself!  Our worship service is a mix of casual and dressy.

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