Church Business

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Church Council Chair: Lynne Whelan

Lay Leader: Stell WallaceLay Leader is an honorary non-voting member of every team

Annual Conference Delegate: Dodie Haight

Staff Parish Relations Committee: Chair: David Cross. Jonathan Gordon, Diane Ota, Jason White

Trustees: Chair: Jeff Wallace. Bill Beals, Nancy Goodloe, Dodie Haight, Andrew Van Den Hoek

Finance: Chair: John Mounsey. Treasurer: Bill Beals. Secretary: Nancy Goodloe. Mike Whelan, Bill Rowley, Beth Van Den Hoek


Social Justice: Chair: Larry Lowther. Dodie Haight, Ginger Jensen, Wanda Monroe, Kathy Matlin


Hospitality: Chair: Mike McCloskey. Mel Madlem, Jocelyn Matheny, Mary Rowley


CWU Wesley Board of Directors: Pastor: Jen Stuart. Leader: Stephanie Brady. Chair: Jonathan Gordon. Club President: Ariel Bender. Katie Rau, John Mounsey, Mary Perkins, Rob Perkins, Jackie Korn


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