Church Leadership

Leadership Table Chair: Lynne Whelan

Staff Parish Relations Committee: Chair: Mike McCloskey. Stell Wallace, Diane Ota, David Cross, Gayl Curtiss, and Ginger Jensen

Trustees: Chair: Andrew Van Den Hoek. Bill Beals, Jeff Wallace with Building Mangers: Nancy Goodloe & Karen Lasik

Finance: Chair: John Mounsey. Treasurer: Bill Beals

College Ministry Table Representative: Kalle Wagner (Campus Minister)

UMW Table Representative: Cordy Koelsch

Leadership Table at Large Members: Charlene Mize & Pat McClintick

Delegate to Annual Conference: Stell Wallace

Lay Leader: Mike McCloskey (Lay Leader is an honorary non-voting member of every team)

Recording Secretary: Ariel Bender (Office Administrator, non-voting) 

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>>>Below you will find Meeting Minutes from past Leadership Table meetings of 2019. Meetings are open to all.

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