Church Business

Leadership Table Chair: Lynne Whelan

Lay Leader: Mike McCloskey – Lay Leader is an honorary non-voting member of every team

Annual Conference Delegate: Stell Wallace

Staff Parish Relations Committee: Chair: David Cross. Jonathan Gordon and Stell Wallace

Trustees: Chair: Andrew Van Den Hoek. Bill Beals, Nancy Goodloe, Karen Lasik

Finance: Chair: John Mounsey. Treasurer: Bill Beals. Secretary: Nancy Goodloe. Mike Whelan, Bill Rowley, Beth Van Den Hoek

CWU Wesley Board of Directors: Leader: Katie Rau. Chair: Jonathan Gordon. Pastor: Jen Stuart. Club President: Ariel Bender. Club Secretary: Jocelyn Matheny. John Mounsey, Mary Perkins, Rob Perkins

>>>Below you will find Meeting Minutes from past Leadership Table meetings of 2019. Meetings are on the second Monday of each month and are open to all.

Leadership Table 01.14

Leadership Table 03.11

Leadership Table 06.10

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